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Little Nugget LDN by HAP



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 These radiant stud earrings, crafted in lustrous yellow gold, paint the picture of a blooming flower using a mesmerizing design of eight intertwined circles. The result? A piece that's not just jewelry, but a poetic expression of beauty and art.

The circular motif, seamlessly coming together, creates an illusion of petals unfolding in the morning sun. Every glance at "Fioronda" is a reminder of the intricate patterns found in nature, artfully reimagined for the modern woman.

While the design draws inspiration from a flower, the shimmering yellow gold ensures that these earrings don't just complement, but elevate, every outfit. From boardroom meetings to dinner dates, "Fioronda" promises to be your go-to accessory, radiating charm and finesse.

Gift "Fioronda" to a loved one as a symbol of blooming affection, or make it a cherished addition to your collection, celebrating the union of design and nature. Dive into the world of "Fioronda", where golden circles dance and bloom into an everlasting tale of style.


All pieces are handcrafted in 18ct Solid Gold for longevity. The way fine jewellery should be made. You can also safely wear them in water. 


Diameter:  10 mm (1 cm)

Fineness:  18ct Gold (750/1000)

Metal Type: 18 ct Yellow Gold

Certificate of Authenticity: Hallmarked 750/1000.


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